Explore Your Mind.
It's like books but in better

AbyssMind is an online learning platform designed to explore the endless possibilities of your mind by creating online courses based on world’s best nonfiction books.

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The concept

Your Mind is like an Abyss

An Abyss has an infinite depth, and only the very beginning is visible. Your mind is exactly the same.

With AbyssMind, we want to provide online courses to help you explore the endless possibilities of your mind and what you can do in life.

So that you can, then, grow your mind and actually seek self-improvement.

Our Mission

Ideas based on Science

We are not instructors nor personal coaches. We believe in science. Here you will find ideas from world’s best nonfiction books; psychologists; scientific studies; doctors.

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AbyssMind Language

If you want to grow your mind, you first need to be able to understand new ideas. Learn how to master any language smoothly using proven science and not textbooks.

AbyssMind Learning

Once you are able to understand new ideas, you have to learn them and be open-minded about your old beliefs. Learn the art of learning new ideas with an open mind.

AbyssMind Performance

To fully grow your mind, you need to implement those new ideas and take actions. Turn peak performance into a habit without burning out.

Why only 3 skills?

At AbyssMind, we believe that those 3 skills are the most important in order to explore your mind. Our goal is to give you all the tools you truly need to, then, be able to grow.

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Our Values

Based on Science

Our courses are based on world's best nonfiction books.

Key Ideas

No long boring stories, no 30 min videos. Just the key ideas and powerful information.

Text, Audio or Video

Choose the best way to learn, reading, listening or watching.


Our videos are made with powerful soundtracks and beautiful scenes.

Actions Taking

We provide you Worksheets, Action Quizzes and Action Videos.


Education is not about price but about commitment.

We Read; We Build; You Learn


Learn the Key Ideas Fast

We believe that learning can be fast yet powerful. Our online courses provide you the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction books and scientific researches. No long stories, no 30 min videos; only life-changing ideas.
Choose the best way to learn: Reading, Listening or Watching.

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Take real Actions

At AbyssMind, learning is not only about knowing, but it's also about doing. Our online courses are built to also provide you Worksheets; Action Quizzes and Action Videos to truly master the subject you're learning.

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Pay for 6 months, get access forever

Education shouldn't be reserved for spoiled kids. Instead, we believe that learning is not about price but about commitment. It's like buying 1-2 books each month for 6 months but instead, you have everything in one place and you can learn at your own speed (aka you save time)


($95,94 billed for 6 months)

One Course

  • Lifetime Access
  • Text, Audio and Videos
  • Worksheets, Action Quizzes and Action Videos

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Get access for free to a 7 days email course. Learn how you can turn peak performance into a habit and without burning out.

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