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OUR mission

AbyssMind creates online courses to give you a toolkit about self-improvement.

What's the common point with all successful people? They've all worked really hard to be the best version of themselves. The human mind is capable of almost everything, yet most people don't even use that superpower.
At AbyssMind, we want to give you a taste of what it looks like to grow. We create online courses to explore the endless possibilities of your mind. We want to give you a toolkit so that you can then, start the indescribable journey of self-improvement.

Can you trust AbyssMind courses?

We are not instructors nor personal coaches. We believe in science. Here you will find ideas from world’s best nonfiction books; psychologists; scientific studies and doctors.

Our courses are built with a lot of research first:

  • We read bestselling nonfiction books.
  • We go through a lot of different scientific studies made by experts. 
  • We also look for independent internet creators (not biased opinions)

Our courses are not biased. We give you every single key idea from every source. We just make things simpler, instead of having 200+ pages book, you have a video shorter than 5min.

We also provide the sources in every course, so that you can make your own research if you want to.

Disclaimer: Even though we try as much as we can, to provide you the best knowledge on a topic, we don't know the absolute truth.

Reading, Listening or Watching

Our courses allow you to learn in different ways. Whether you want to read, or to listen (like audiobooks) or to watch stunning videos, you can choose your favorite way to learn. 
Each support is built with a core value, key ideas only. Therefore, you don't waste your time watching a video of 30min but you get the same value inside a condensed video of 3-5 min (or a condensed PDF for the reading way)

Fascinating Videos

Most online courses suck... you only get monotonous lectures with a powerpoint slide. At AbyssMind, we focus our energy to make not only valuable videos but also fascinating videos. We're using soundtracks, beautiful scenes and illustrations to make each video fascinating for you.

"If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”
– Derek Sivers

Take Actions

Knowledge is great but at the end of the day, what really matters is not what you know but what you do. That's why, at AbyssMind we strongly believe that actions and commitment are way better. Our courses provide you a worksheet for each lecture. There are also Action quizzes and Action videos to actually take actions.

See a real example of our Actions System

AbyssMind Language

If you want to grow your mind, you first need to be able to understand new ideas. But it's impossible to elaborate complex thoughts without a language. And to be exposed to even more ideas, learning new languages is the key. Learn how to master any language smoothly using proven science and not textbooks.


AbyssMind Learning

Once you are able to understand new ideas, you have to learn them and be open-minded about breaking your old beliefs. How to learn faster and better? How to read faster? Learn the art of learning new ideas with an open mind.


AbyssMind Performance

To fully grow your mind, you need to implement those new ideas and take actions. Knowing is great but actions are 10X better. How to see if your project fits your life goals? How to be focused? How to keep motivation over time? And how to avoid burnout and achieve the project? Turn peak performance into a habit without burning out.

Q & A

Why do we start with Performance?

We believe that among those 3 skills, the very most important is Performance, being able to truly work toward your goal without burning out.

Why 6 months?

At AbyssMind, one of our values is commitment. Our courses are built on a monthly payment system ($15,99/month for 6 months).

Though, you have immediate access to the full course, so you can go through the all chapters in less than 1 week if you want to.

On the long term, we will allow buying in multiple payments (each month) instead of one payment. It's like if you commit yourself to buy, every month, 1-2 books but instead, you have a course that contains all the knowledge.

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