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Work effectively without burning out

What does working effectively mean? Do you think it's all about working all the time? Or maybe working smarter not harder?

At AbyssMind, our goal is to help you achieve your project (whether it's professional or personal) without sacrificing everything you have.

In those emails, you will learn how to have control over your work. Aka, you choose when you want to work (healthy work/life balance) and you choose the level of focus you want. And of course, you can keep the motivation over time. 

Save time; get only the key ideas

Books are too long and emails are too short. We combined both. In this email course, each day you will have an email and a condensed PDF sheet to have an in-depth view of the topic. At the end, you will also have a taste of our values about taking real actions.

Ideas based on Science

We are not instructors nor personal coaches. We believe in science. Here you will find ideas from world’s best nonfiction books; psychologists; scientific studies; doctors.

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Get access for free to a 7-days email course. Learn how you can turn peak performance into a habit and without burning out.

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